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2016 Enactus China National Competition Hosted in Shanghai

93 Universities from across China competed

Sun-Yat-Sen University won the China National Championship

and will compete in the 2016 Enactus World Cup in Canada


Enactus China hosted the 2016 Enactus National Competition at the Shanghai International Sourcing Convention Center on May 23-24, 2016. Senior executives from over 60 corporations including Dell, A.O. Smith, Bayer, Freudenberg, NuSkin and other corporate partners served as the final round judges and selected the Sun-Yat-Sen University Enactus Team as the 2016 Enactus China National Champion. The champion team will go to Toronto on September 28-30 to compete with teams from 35 Enactus participating countries for the Enactus World Cup.



Enactus is an international organization that brings together a diverse network of university students, academic professionals and industry leaders who share a vision of creating a better, more sustainable world through entrepreneurial action.



After an exciting 2 days where 103 projects were presented by 93 Enactus teams, the judges chose Sun-Yat-Sen University as the Enactus China National Champion team. The Sun-Yat-Sen team presented their project entitled “Neverland”. The "Neverland" project addressed the environmental issue of air pollution and contamination of banana trees caused by massive waste of banana leaves and the traditional method of burning the waste. The project focused on using banana leaves for cultivation of mushrooms. The project has boosted the local populations" income and laid a solid foundation for a more sustainable development pattern.


中山大学创行团队队长谭诗聪表示:这次能够夺冠真的非常激动,锦绣珠沙项目之所以能够得到大家认可,还有我们历届校友的心血在其中。我们还要感谢指导老师非常耐心的启发和帮助,也谢谢所有支持我们的人。我们会带着大家的梦想和期望去多伦多, 我们永远用发现机会的眼光,寻找改变世界的机会!

After the competition, Ms. TAN Shicong, Team Leader of Sun-Yat-Sen University, had laudatory comments about Enactus and their experience. “We are excited to be the champions. We appreciate the advisory support from Enactus, the Enactus Partner Companies, Alumni and Faculty Advisors. Now, we look forward to experiencing the international competition in Toronto for the 2016 Enactus World Cup.”


回首2015-2016项目年度,创行中国25个省、直辖市(包括香港、澳门地区)的265支创行团队的15,000名创行大学生共开发并执行了985个社区发展项目,59家企业对创行中国的进一步发展给予了支持。作为创行中国的企业合作伙伴,戴尔大中华区总裁黄陈宏博士十分认同并且支持创行公益项目。黄博士表示:“32年前,19岁的Michael Dell1000美金在大学宿舍中创建了戴尔公司,如今,戴尔公司已成长为提供端到端IT解决方案的行业翘楚。激发无限The Power to Do More),即通过IT技术实现潜能推动人类社会进步,一直以来是驱动我们不断创新与前行的动力。因此,我们非常高兴能够为创行所开展的大学生社会创新项目提供支持,看到同学们通过这个平台积极践行企业家精神,结合IT技术和互联网+模式,为社会、为他人带来积极改变,这无疑是值得赞许的。戴尔将继续与创行合作开展这样有积极社会意义的创新实践活动。

This year, in China, 265 universities and over 15,000 students currently participate in the Enactus program. These students worked on 985 projects this year alone. After working on their projects during the academic year, Enactus teams present their projects at a series of competitions judged by executives from the business community, many of whom are Enactus sponsors. This year, DELL China was the presenting sponsor for all of Enactus" competitions. Dr. Huang Chenhong, President of DELL China, has been very supportive to Enactus China"s growth. “Thirty-two years ago, at the age of 19, Michael Dell spent USD1,000 to start up DELL in his campus dormitory. Now, DELL has grown to be a giant in the field of end-to-end IT solutions. Unleashed through "Power to Do More”, DELL facilitates the human progress with Internet Technology. DELL is always motivated to innovate and move ahead. Hence, DELL is very proud to partner with Enactus China and support students" social innovation projects. It is admirable that the students apply entrepreneurial actions to create a better community within the ‘Internet+’ Model. DELL is looking forward to a continued partnership with Enactus in the future.”



In addition to the presentation of the projects, the Enactus competition offered students an opportunity to interact with senior executives from over twenty corporations at the "Top-to-Future-Top" Forum. At the forum these executives held discussions with students to facilitate their thoughts about this year"s topic, "Women in Leadership". Enactus" sponsoring companies also had an opportunity to participate in the "Innovation Station Career Fair" where 25 Enactus sponsoring companies set up booths to showcase their companies and to attract future talent.



Ms. Celina Chew, President of Bayer Greater China Group and Chairman of Bayer (China) Limited, commented “Bayer motivates our staff to voluntarily serve as Business Advisors to work with the Enactus teams so that their projects can be carried out more smoothly.”  

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