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University of Southampton Team from United Kingdom Wins the 2015 Enactus World Cup Champion!!



Johannesburg, October 14-16, 2015 - The 15th Enactus World Cup hosted by Enactus Worldwide finished on October 16th in Johannesburg. During the three day event the national champion teams from 34 countries delivered their presentations on stage to showcase how their community outreach projects improved peoples’ lives. The participants included over 500 business executives from companies like KPMG, CocaCola, Unilever, Walmart, Ford, HERSHEY, RICH’S, Sealed Air and many more, including 2,500 students and 50 faculty advisors. In the end University of Southampton Team from the United Kingdom won the 2015 Enactus World Cup. 



The Champion Team from United Kingdom – the University of Southampton Enactus Team presented three community outreach projects. The team coached local women in Kenya to make sanitization towels from recycled materials which provided new job opportunities and solved the problem of the shortage of sanitation towels for women in the target villages. The team also helped residents in a number of villages in Kenya to set up school lavatories made from recyled materials. The team taught the villagers how to build the lavatories and manage them. Additionally, the team educated the community people to produce soap bars made with plentiful avocadoes and bananas. The result of these projects led the people in a number of Kenyan communities to enjoy greater economic opportunities and to also better understand some key health and sanitization issues. 



The team from United States - Brigham Young University (Hawaii Campus) was awarded the First Runner-Up Prize of the 2015 Enactus World Cup. The team empowered over 50 women in Cote d"Ivoire to create small businesses with micro-finance support and financial literacy training. Moreover, the team helped 40 Cocoa farmers to improve their production and also provided them with education for them to raise bees which could ecologically pollinate their plants, The team also built a school to improve the education of cocoa farmers’ children which kept the children in school instead of working in cocoa farms.



China Delegation – Jinan University was awarded with third place in the Opening Round Competition which did not qualify them to proceed to the next round of competition. The team worked together with their local government to secure financial support and to arrange a way to obtain kitchen waste. The team then worked with Xu Feng farm to rent waste pre-processing equipment and service from a supplier with the technology to remove oils, salts and odors from the kitchen waste. The farm then introduced earth worms into the processed food waste to help convert the compost into organic fertilizer.


在本届创行世界杯开幕式上,非盟委员会主席德拉米尼·祖马致辞说:青年人要有创新意识和创业勇气,创行世界杯在非洲大地的成功举办为培养青年一代的企业家精神有着积极的深远影响力。创行全球新任理事会主席,来自联合利华北美区域总裁Kees Kruythoff也表达了企业对于投资青年人以企业家精神的行动创造可持续发展的未来的期待。在开幕赛期间,由毕马威全球企业社会公民及多元文化总负责人Lord Dr. Michael Hastings主持的关于水、食物、能源可持续发展为议题的行动力领袖论坛,邀请了多家创行合作企业全球高管及大学生代表共同探讨了在水、食物、能源方面的新的挑战和机遇。

At the Opening Ceremony of 2015 Enactus World Cup, Dr. Nkosanzaha Dlamini Zuma, Chairperson of African Union Commission, gave a keynote speech to recognize today’s young generation which possess an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. She also noted that she admired the meaningful impact that the Enactus World Cup has on the African Continent. Mr. Kees Kruythoff, Newly elected Board Chairman of Enactus Worldwide and the President of Unilever North America spoke of the value that his and many corporations see in investing in students who are taking entrepreneurial actions for their communities. Prior to the Semi-Final Round and Final Round Announcements Lord Dr. Michael Hastings, Global Head of Citizenship & Diversity of KPMG International, hosted an Action Leaders Forum on the topic of “Water, Food and Energy Sustainability” where a panel of executives from partner companies and student representatives discussed key sustainability issues.


Exciting Moments at 2015 Johannesburg Enactus World Cup



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