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Join us @ 2014 Beijing · Enactus World Cup


Together with the Global CEO’s of Walmart, Coca Cola, Hershey’s, WR Grace, AB Inbev and many other top executives from overseas and China as well officials from the Chinese Peoples’ Friendship Association, we invite you to experience how entrepreneurial action is enabling human progress by joining us at the Enactus World Cup October 22 – 24 in Beijing, China.



Enactus is a global non-profit organization that provides a platform for university students to collaborate with business and academic leaders in the development of entrepreneurial-based projects that empower people to transform opportunity into real, sustainable human progress. The quality and impact of the students’ projects are evaluated by leading executives through a series of regional and national competitions in the 36 countries where Enactus operates. Once a year, the best Enactus teams from these countries meet at the Enactus World Cup to showcase their community empowerment efforts and compete based on the quality of their projects and depth of their impact.



During the past 2 months, the National Champion team from Enactus China has made presentations in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou to companies such as Freudenberg, LEADIPO, Fosun Pharmaceutical, Nono Bank, Nuskin, Praxair, CPCEP, KPMG, State Holdings, CNCC, Credit Ease, Accenture, CVTE and Chow Tai Fook etc. Through the Road Show, the team has received professional suggestions from people in these companies on how to better prepare for the Enactus World Cup.



To date, over 500 business persons around the world have registered as the judge on Enactus World Cup, they will witness the excitement of Enactus World Cup with over 4,000 Enactus student participants globally and locally. Here, Enactus China would sincerely invite you to be a judge for this competition. In this capacity you will join a distinguished panel of executives in evaluating the programs of these teams and providing them with valuable input on their continued efforts. In addition to the competition participation in the World Cup offers opportunities for you to meet and exchange ideas with members or our intergenerational global network. Through thought leader panel discussions, forums, networking receptions, luncheons and dinners, attendees have the chance to collaborate, share best practices and learn from one another.


请在930日前,登陆网页http://www.enactus.org/worldcupregistration 完成评委注册,或联系夏婕女士来协助您相关报名事宜,邮箱:jie.xia@enactuschina.cn 或电话:021-6481 3669*17

Please click on http://www.enactus.org/worldcupregistration to have registration before Sept 30. If you need further assistance or elaboration, feel free to contact Ms. Xia Jie, jie.xia@enactuschina.cn and 021-6481 3669*17.


#创行品牌概念视频全球发布 - CEO眼中的创行

#SEE OPPORTUNITY Campaign - CEO Talk for Enactus


The new Enactus #SeeOpportunity campaign celebrates how Enactus students are seizing opportunity and demonstrates the potential of young entrepreneurial minds when they are empowered to take action.



Enactus received the support of a number of prominent executives such as J.P. Bilbrey, Doug McMillon and Denise Morrison to share the inspiring stories of Enactus students enabling progress through entrepreneurial action.


 好时公司CEO - J.P. Bilbrey分享太阳能发电项目

 J.P. Bilbrey, CEO of Hershey’s, shares Solar Powered


 金宝汤公司CEO – Denise Morrison分享农植物培育项目

 Denise Morrison, CEO of Campbell Soup, shares Cultivating Opportunity


 沃尔玛公司CEO – Doug McMillon分享再就业新生活项目

 Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart, shares Hope Springs Eternal



Enactus invites you to visit the campaign hub and help raise awareness for Enactus by passing these amazing stories on to your colleagues and friends. Your participation will empower more Enactus students around the world and ultimately transform more lives. Look for regular updates as we share new stories of how Enactus students see opportunity, take action and enable progress.


Enactus Strategic Initiatives Projects Newly Launched


Praxair - Enactus "Youth Green Social Project" (Season III)



Praxair has continued its partnership with Enactus China to support the "Youth Green Social Project" . This project aims to encourage university students to build their sense of sustainability and take action to solve environmental issues like climate change, air pollution, water pollution, family waste, green power and materials. This year, 10 teams in Xi"an, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Beijing will be selected to develop the project with RMB 2,000 seed fund and to compete for the Final 3 awards. During the project operation session, Praxair employee volunteers will provide the teams with best practice sharing.


State Street - Enactus "Youth Social Innovation Project" (Season II)



State Street agrees to partner with Enactus China to deliver the Youth Social Innovation Project (Seasons II). In this year, the project aims to encourage Enactus teams in Zhejiang province to empower local people to improve their living standard and quality. This project has been endorsed by the Hangzhou Youth Social Service Center. Some local NGOs will work together with the teams as project advisers to help the team broaden the impact audience and project impact and then support the teams to connect the appropriate NGOs or administrative units to take over the social projects sustainability development.


IELTS (British Council) - Enactus "IELTS Campus Campaign Challenge"

British Council雅思考试主办方与创行达成合作将在2014年合作开展校园品牌推广挑战赛,鼓励和支持大学生在校内通过创意整合营销,提高大学生群体对于雅思在美国高校认可度的认知水平,消除其对于用雅思申请美国高校的误区,最终达到选择用雅思申请美国高校的目的。此次活动得到了British Council雅思考试主办方的大力支持,来自BC的同事将担任团队的项目顾问,提供专业的雅思考试信息并指导团队在校内开展活动。


IELTS (British Council) cooperates with Enactus China to deliver the "IELTS Campus Campaign Challenge". This project aims to motivate the Enactus students to leverage IELTS awareness on campuses through creative marketing approaches and to advocate the IELTS function for US-based school application. As scheduled, the staff from British Council will engage with Enactus teams as business advisers and share IELTS information with the students.


Johnson & Johnson - Enactus "Healthier Life, Better Future" Project (Season IV)



Johnson & Johnson has been partners with Enactus China for 3 years on the "Healthier Life, Better Future" Project. This project empowers Enactus students to teach courses to migrant workers’ children to broaden their knowledge on health, sanitation and safety. The Enactus students are required to master the project documents initiated by Enactus and Johnson & Johnson, and then to teach up to 100 kids and 5 teachers in one or more schools. The seven course topics include: hands washing, mouth cleaning, trauma nursing, eye protecting, cigarette escaping, backbone caring and skin relieving. In addition to the course-sharing, Enactus students help the kids put theory into application through activities like teeth-brushing, athletic games, and no-smoking sign designing competition etc.


Vantone Foundation - Enactus "Green Rhythm" Urban Ecological Innovation Competition



Vantone Foundation agreed to partner with Enactus China to invite 30 teams to take actions to relieve urban environmental issues based on market research and an innovation mindset. During the project operation, Vantone Foundation will also invite experts to mentor the Enactus teams on ecological techniques and business operations. Vantone Foundation expects to develop this social project for more urban residents in a sustainable fashion.


2014 Enactus Team Leader Forum Successfully Hosted in Shanghai



From July 31 to Aug 3, Enactus China hosted the National Team Leader Forum event in Shanghai. 12 regional Enactus Program Managers and over 220 Enactus Team Leaders were invited to join the Forum and share experiences on team management, business adviser engagement, alumni inclusion, project development, new criterion brainstorming, strategic initiative project sharing and social news and media communication. In this event, company representatives from Vantone Foundation, Thermo Fisher, KPMG, Ecolab delivered presentations and alumni representatives from Bain, Apple and Domino"s Pizza shared their experience on career development and team management. Domino"s Pizza sponsored the students with Pizza for 2-days. On the last day of the event, all the attendees visitied NuSkin Greater China Innovation Park for a Corporate Business Tour and Cultural Immersion.


Enactus Team was Rewarded on "Youth Innovative Show" Competition



The Beijing Forestry University, Tsinghua University and Harbin Engineering University Enactus teams were invited to join in the ”Youth Innovative Show" Competition (Season II) in Fuzhou and were rewarded with the top 3 prizes. This competition was launched by the Communist Youth League Fujian Committee to enable socializing between students in mainland and Taiwan (China). The winner of the competition was granted with the fund and expertise training to further develop their social projects.

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