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At its signature international event, the World Cup Competition held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center from September 30 to October 2, 2012 in Washington, DC, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) announced a change of the organization's name to Enactus. The selection of this name reaffirms the organization's long-standing commitment to using entrepreneurial action as a catalyst for progress. (www.enactus.org). ...

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Testimony From Sponsor

At HP, we are focused on creating a better future for everyone through our actions and innovations. We call this HP Living Progress and it reflects the way our people and technology come together to solve society’s toughest challenges.  One way we do this is by helping people, businesses and economies thrive through programs like HP LIFE e-Learning,our free, online training program that enables people to gain the business and IT skills that help create jobs and stimulate economic growth.  We are delighted to be partnering with Enactus China, whose goals so closely align with our own, and supporting the work they do to enable today’s students to become the entrepreneurial, socially responsible business leaders of tomorrow.
Jeannette Weisschuh
Director Economic Progress Initiatives
Corporate Affairs
Hewlett-Packard Company


COMAU is a global business that is running large scale projects mainly in the automotive industry.  Our business is a pure people business: engineering, project management, meeting new challenges every day.
Enactus’ project approach, cross functional cooperation and the orientation to deliver a commercially successful and socially meaningful end product is very close to what our employees are doing day by day.
COMAU is committed about developing young people and giving them responsibility early on in their careers and enable them to make sound decisions to the benefit of our customers.  In short: we need all our employees to be thinking like entrepreneurs. This is all what Enactus is about and that’s why we feel connected to their values. 



Dr. Stefan SACK


As a leading agricultural processor, Archer Daniels Midland Company is committed to serving the world’s vital need for food, and we are proud to partner with Enactus to help meet China’s demand for a safe, secure food supply for its growing population. Through the Agriculture Innovation Development Program developed by our two organizations, we are encouraging China’s university students to develop solutions for farmers and communities to improve food safety and quality, while at the same time increasing farmers’ incomes.
Ismael Roig, President,
ADM Asia-Pacific

There is no organization like Enactus. With a strong foundation forged with the creativity and passion of its students from various institutions, and the business expertise and devotion to social responsibility of its partner enterprises, it strives towards sustained mutual betterment while continuously giving back to society. 
Alex Tham
President, General Cable (China)

For the Freudenberg Group, a family owned enterprise, with more than 160 years history, leadership, corporate social responsibility and personal development are strongly connected. This is not only stated in our company “Values & Principles” but it is practiced actively in our daily business life.
Therefore we are very glad to cooperate with ENACTUS as it is a fantastic platform to develop and support young university students, our  leaders of tomorrow, to increase their awareness for responsibility to the community and their environment. We are strongly convinced that only a social responsible business leader can have a positive impact on the successful and sustainable development of an enterprise. The ENACTUS program supports us to build up the competencies we need for our future growth and development in China, at the same time it is a great organization to interact with university students, academic professionals and business leaders who all share the same values.
Bettina Schoen
General Manager
Freudenberg Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

As a transnational enterprise, Bayer has always been committed to facilitating its Corporate Social Responsibility. For 150 years, Bayer has provided its clients from all kinds of fields with innovative products and services. Also impressive are Bayer’s CSR projects. They have covered areas from Sports, Education, and Environment to Healthcare, among which education that relates to youth development gained the most insistence. 
It is a great honor to partner with Enactus to collaboratively commit to helping the youths establish the excellent business skills and leadership. Our best wishes for the success of our cooperation and the possibility that we cultivate more and more future leaders who will become the role models of the youth generation in the new era. 
Weidong Huang
Regional Manager in Central Market

Interush is proud to establish a partnership with Enactus China. We clearly understand the urgent priorities of caring for our communities, protecting and improving our shared and fragile environment, and the importance of providing an entrepreneurial means for individuals to financially support themselves and be able to help others.
Interush looks forward to working closely with Enactus to encourage, teach, and mentor thousands of students seeking their own unlimited potential and greatness, while also working to improve our global community.
Martin J. Matthews
Chairman and CEO
Interush Inc.
USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China 

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a world leader in serving science.  Our mission is to help our customers make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. It is a mission that all of our employees are proud of and it also explains why we partner with Enactus.  We partner with Enactus to help undergraduates to create a healthier, cleaner, safer living environment  by developing innovative ideas and technology. We are excited to see positive impact produced by students’ projects on the communities and the needy groups. Apart from funding, our senior managers are also actively involved as business advisors, helping students overcoming difficulties during project execution. We are glad to be judges for Enactus National Competition, with help to fairly select winners, encourage innovation and environment protection, and help young people realize their dreams of entrepreneurship.  
Mike Shafer
President of Great China
Thermo Fisher China   

Ecolab China, a business with strong social responsibility, is committed to building a cleaner, safer, healthier, more efficient and more sustainable world. Enactus has devoted to provide a platform for students to voluntarily contribute their creativity, innovative ideas, business knowledge and project management capability to help the society to drive various social welfare projects to build a better society. With similar social responsibility goal, Ecolab is proud to be one of Enactus’ sponsors and help the high potential student talents to become the future leaders, to contribute back to the society and therefore to build a better place. 
Tim Wang
Ecolab Senior Vice President
President of Greater China Region

Enriching Lives, Everywhere® You will find Grace products in every-day items, from toothpaste and gasoline to the concrete sidewalk you walk on each day.  With a twenty-five year history in China, the first wholly foreign owned enterprise, we develop, manufacture and deliver breakthrough products for use primarily in local markets.  Grace’s culture is marked by respect for individuals.  We value invention, leadership, commitment to customers, and passion for business.  That is why our association with Enactus makes so much sense.  We are proud to be an Enactus sponsor.


Michael Piergrossi

President, Grace China Ltd.

SWIFT, as a cooperative for the financial world, embeds sustainable investment as an intrinsic part of our company strategy. Partnering with Enactus allows SWIFT to share our knowledge, develop the next generation of leaders and foster closer links between our colleagues and local communities in support of meaningful and empowering sustainable business and social projects.

Beth Smits
Head of Corporate Affairs
SWIFT, Asia Pacific

Evonik regards people as the most important assets for the company’s sustainable growth. We attach great importance to talent development in Evonik and encourage employees to act as entrepreneurs in their function regardless whether one has Profit & Loss responsibilities.  This coincides with the vision and commitment of Enactus. We are pleased we can leverage Enactus’ platform to foster the entrepreneurship among the university students, thus preparing them to become successful business leaders in the future. This is also part of Evonik"s commitment to Corporate Responsibility. 


Hans-Josef Ritzert

President of Greater China


Our partnership with Enactus is among our most strategic corporate social responsibility initiatives in China. We are please to provide our support for the university students in different cities to care for the underprivileged children. The program enables many of our employees across China to dedicate their time, effort, and energy to this meaningful program as business advisors. We look forward to continuing to work with Enactus in China.
Eddy Chan
head of China
FedEx Express

Water is the source of life on earth and is also the critical ingredient of Swire Beverages’ business. We strive to safely return to nature and our communities the amount of water we use in our beverages and achieve the goal of being fully balanced. We are delighted to be the title sponsor of the “BETTER WATER, BETTER LIFE Water Challenge Competition” again, supporting and inspiring Enactus talents to explore and pilot effective solutions for resolving key water challenges in the communities we live in.
Simon Yip
Executive Director, China – Corporate Culture and Sustainability
Swire Beverages

In Johnson & Johnson, we are inspired by caring. We feel delighted to support Enactus"s activities as its goals are consistent with the values in our credo. We are especially impressed by students’ passion and commitment to create a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business. These Enactus’s activities enable students to develop into astute, entrepreneurial, yet socially responsible future leaders of our world.

Edward Zhou
Managing Director

Johnson & Johnson Consumer China  

“Everyone has credit, credit has value” has always been guiding CreditEase’s development. We try to promote development of the economy and society through business wisdom and try to practice “double-bottom” value of the economy and society. Enactus has great synergy with CreditEase’s concept. I think Enactus has created an excellent platform and I’d be more than happy to participate in it.

Ning Tang

Committing to  become the world’s most trusted Asian jewelry brand, Chow Tai Fook has been making great effort  to improve the quality of life of our customers and at the same time we attach great importance to the training and development of our Future Business Leaders. Since Enactus is an excellent organization ,of whom the mission ,vision and  Philosophy   happen  to coincide with Chow Tai Fook’s. We are glad to become Enactus’s partner,and are looking forward to promoting our students’ development as well as the social progress with Enactus.
Bobby Liao
Managing Director
Mainland China Management Centre Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Co.,Ltd.

At PepsiCo, Performance with Purpose means delivering sustainable growth by investing in a healthier future for people and our planet. As a global food and beverage company, we are keen on fostering students’ innovation and contributing to the development of our future talent. Enactus offers us a great platform to achieve our aspiration of building emerging leaders while giving back to the communities we serve.

Brian Newman
PepsiCo Greater China Region

As the world"s largest private employer and retailer, our mission is to save people money so they can live better. Giving back to community and support for education are key parts of Walmart China CSR, which is the common ground that we share with Enactus and establish good partnership. We’d like to thank Enactus for providing precious interactive opportunities for future business leaders and corporations with social responsibilities at the core. And for me, it’s my pleasure to join this great course with Enactus. With continuous growing and expanding for Enactus China, we believe that more students and corporations can benefit, and also it will be a good helping hand for building Next Generation Walmart.

shirley Yang
Senior Vice President of People
Walmart China

Enactus serves as a wonderful incubator for students at universities and colleges to be more innovative and think out off box of the solutions to solve the issues from environment, education and health. More importantly, students are able to work with broader group of people to bring a bigger positive impact on the society and people around them. Enactus is an excellent example to demonstrate how a corporate and a community can work together with expertise and resources to make people"s life better and healthier.

Director of Government Affairs & Corporate Responsibility

At BlueScope Steel, we and our customers proudly bring inspiration, strength and color to communities with BlueScope Steel and we work to ensure we deliver on “Our Bond” where we believe; 1) Our customers are our partners, 2) Our people are our strength, 3) Our shareholders are our foundations and 4) Our communities are our homes. We are delighted to participate in the Enactus program as its goals are consistent with the values in Our Bond. Enactus’s platform provides our organization with the opportunity to contribute to the development of university students to be both innovative and entrepreneurs which will provide a foundation for their long-term career in the future.

Stewart Dellar
President Building Solutions Asia
BlueScope Steel

TMF firmly believes that its sustainable development stems from integrity based on a culture of professional respect amongst its professionals and team work spirit. By carrying out a large number of projects, Enactus provides opportunities for students to learn and communicate in the business world, to strengthen the same concepts and core values, and thus cultivating an excellent future talent pool for enterprises and society. As a long standing partner of Enactus, TMF takes great pleasure to accept its Corporate Social Responsibility and contribute to the progress of the society and the development of talents.

Ernest Wong
Managing Director
TMF China

NU SKIN is honored to once again support Enactus for 2015.  We continue to be impressed by our experience with both the Enactus organization and students.  Therefore, we would like to increase our contacts and efforts to support the many activities Enactus is involved in. NU SKINs mission is to be a Force for Good in the world, and we demonstrate our difference by returning something to society in all markets we operate in.  As a company with high corporate social responsibility awareness, NU SKIN Enterprises strongly supports the efforts by Enactus to care for the more vulnerable groups in society and to improve their quality of their lives.  We are thrilled once again to join hands with Enactus to encourage the responsible formation and development of innovative and entrepreneurial business ideas which will also provide a foundational skill set for Enactus students to succeed both commercially and in their communities.

Owen Messick
Regional Vice President and President, China Operations, NU SKIN Greater China

It is very encouraging to see that Enactus students are interested and passionate about working and contributing on topics that will benefit society. These students are the future leaders and with them there is hope that businesses in future will understand that financial, social and environment sustainability go hand in hand. I also hope they will derive much satisfaction and personal fulfillment in knowing the vital contribution that they make to the success of society and their lives.

Bill O"Brien
HAVI Logistics Aisa

As a century-old European company, DSM has always been committed to product innovation and sustainable development. Enactus’s initiative to empower university students to be entrepreneurs and business leaders through creating economic opportunity for their communities fits well into DSM’s value of sustainability. With this joint effort with Enactus, DSM will create brighter lives for people today and generations to come.

Weiming Jiang
DSM China

Praxair China embraces the same values in our culture as Enactus does - social responsibility, innovation, people excellence, entrepreneurship and team work etc. Praxair China is proud to be one of the sponsors of Enactus China and support the voluntary programs that the Enactus students roll out, which deliver environmental and economic benefits to the communities with their knowledge applied. In addition, the students gain valuable real life experience in applying their knowledge and compassion. Together let’s drive closer to our destination of making our planet more productive!

Dr. Minda Ho
President of Praxair China
Global Vice President, Gasification

It’s honor for YOUSOKU to be sponsor of Enactus for the second year. “Helping others in need, achieving your best life” turn out to be the true essence of any free enterprise. YOUSOKU and Enactus share a common mission that is to influence the one who could lead the world to a better future. I wish more and more Enactus talents can achieve their goals.

Li Gui Lian
Dalian Dayang Trands Co., Ltd.

Being a responsible corporation, Cargill is committed to sharing and using its global experience and expertise to address some of China’s top challenges. In a similar way, Enactus  helps students, China’s future leaders, to bring their knowledge and expertise to help the society we live in. This is one of the reasons we are so excited at Cargill to be a partner with Enactus. Your work with Enactus will prove to be one of the best experience you will ever have, not only to contribute to a better and sustainable world, but also prepare yourself for your future career. Corporations such as Cargill attribute significant importance to the Enactus experierce during student life.  I am personally enthused of having the opportunity to engage with many of you at this critical time in your lives and I look forward to discuss your aspirations and dreams. Finally, I want to take the opportunity to wish the best of luck to all of you. Remember you are all winners!
Robert Aspell
Cargill China


"In my experience, Enactus brings a lot of value to everyone it touches: the students who apply their learning in real-life situations; the communities that benefit from being taught practical skills that they can carry forward into their business and personal lives; the business executives who act as judges and mentors and who feel the energy that Enactus generates; and the corporates that leverage the Enactus programme as part of their CSR and recruitment efforts. I am proud to be an Enactus China Board member and long-term participant - from both a business and a personal perspective."

Andrew Thomson
Partner, KPMG China and Deputy COO, KPMG Asia Pacific
Vice Chairman, Enactus China Advisory Board

It is so exciting to watch the Enactus team growing over the last two years as the national judger. Truly, we can see the tomorrow’s leaders are making positive impact for a better world today and tomorrow.

Tom Tan
Vice President, BorgWarner Inc
President, BorgWarner China

Enactus is a great organization that not only helps College students learn more about how to run businesses, establish great presentation skills and sell their ideas, but also is very helpful to the needy of the world today. When you can accomplish these two things at the same time it is a great opportunity and we are very excited to be a part of this organization.

Thomas A. Nelson
Managing Director
VF Asia

Sealed Air is a global leader in food safety and security, facility hygiene and product protection. Under the spirit of ethics, determination, collaboration and innovation, we are proud to have helped Enactus students improving business acumen through business advisory, internship and training opportunities. Sealed Air  looks forward to strengthening partnership with Enactus to enhance the life quality for consumers, and to create a world that feels, tastes and works better.
Shen Hong
Vice President / MD, North Asia
Sealed Air China

Enactus is the stage which can enable the students to recognize different organizations’ culture and values through competition and activity. Meanwhile, Enactus can stimulate student’s creativity and innovative, which help students grow and mature. It is the honor for Trelleborg to be one of the sponsors of Enactus and develops more talented people.
Vivien Wei
Senior Human Resource Manager
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions (China) Co., Ltd

Clorox has always been a strong supporter and partner of Enactus for many years. Enactus provides a valuable platform for students to contribute to society with their creativity, knowledge and passion. Young talents deserve the opportunity to realize their potential, and Enactus is the perfect channel. Sharing a similar mission, Clorox is proud to be one of Enactus’s sponsors to build our future leaders, give back to the communities where we live and work, and make everyday life better, every day.

Mike Rytokoski
Vice President - General Manager Greater China

The Kao Group is committed to building a sustainable society as we strive to satisfy consumers with our products and brands representing everyday essentials. We are proud to be a part of this Enactus initiative with its keen focus on developing future leaders who can play a role in creating a better society and contributing to the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of the people in the community    

Toshiharu  Numata
Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO
Kao (China) Holding Co., Ltd.

As the world"s largest software company, our mission is to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential. Our technology make a meaningful contribution to the prosperity of communities and the sustainability of the planet.Enactus is a global non-profit organization, dedicating in helping the high potential talents to be future leaders and contribute back to the society. Microsoft is proud to be partnership with Enactus thru great platform to achieve our mission, to build a better planet.

Mary Liu
Senior HR Director
Microsoft GCR


Executive Message:
Enactus’s concept of innovation and practice is consistent with the enterprise spirit which RR Donnelley has kept pursuing for nearly 150 years. Enactus not only provides college students a platform to apply what they’ve learned, but also provides us an opportunity to help vulnerable groups and serve the society. We are excited to become a sponsor of Enactus to cultivate future business leaders who bear both creativity and social responsibility.

Mr. Michael Qian
Managing Director of RR Donnelley Asia
President of RR Donnelley China

As a wholly-funded subsidiary of Best Buy—the greatest CE products retailer in the world, Five Star focus on “the power of young”, we actively engage in helping the growth of college students and supporting them in meaningful social practices and public service activities. Five Star is willing to work with Enactus students to build a sustainable future and make our life fun and easy.

Max Zhou
CEO, Fivestar

Through our entrepreneurial management approach, Carlisle has continued to build a successful global brand in the industrial marketplace. We are excited to work together with the talented students in Enactus to harness the power of the entrepreneurial spirit to significantly improve the world around us.”

Trent Freiberg
President of Asia Pacific

Rich Products Corporation’s dynamic family culture has been fostering innovation, cultivating professional growth, and encouraging excellence since our founding in 1945. We have built success on our passion for great tasting, high quality food products as well as “The Rich Promise” –our promise to treat our customers, our associates, and our communities the same way… like family! A strong supporter of Enactus in China and around the world for many years, we seek to energize, equip, and develop outstanding associates to drive unprecedented results both in our business and in the communities in which we operate.

Jeff Kim
President – Asia Pacific
Rich Products Corporation

Enactus is an excellent platform for the development of young business leaders, and it gives Ashland great pleasure to work with them. My previous several experience with those young talents enormously enriched my insight on the potential of the uniquely talented students who are so passionate and positive toward their life and the society. With people development as one of the 5 Ashland culture factors,Enacutus program is well aligned with our vision. We at Ashland are very happy to be part of the SIFE network in supporting a shared cause.

Nandu Dhekne
Vice President, Asia Pacific
Ashland Special Ingredients


Enactus brings together young talent from all over China and from around the world.  As we continue to prepare for the opening of Shanghai Disney resort, talent recruitment and development are key focus areas.  By partnering with Enactus in China, we have both an opportunity to meet great talent while also supporting China’s overall human resource talent development and social development.
Philippe Gas 
General Manager
Shanghai Disney Resort

Students are the future of the world, as well as the key to China"s success. 
Through the Enactus project, I am very pleased to lend support to such 
outstanding students using a business approach oriented towards the community, 
and participating in the solving of various social issues.  Adhering to our vision 
of  "creating a better world with Lenovo",we hope to work together with 
Enactus to cultivate more outstanding young leaders in China. 

Arthur Wei 
VP, Chief Marketing officer 
Lenovo Group