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Enactus Project Story —— Global Vision, Local Wisdom

Enactus students leverage their classroom experience, the expertise of their faculty advisors, the support of their business advisory board, and the resources of their university to develop projects that empower people to live better lives. They help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve success, equip the unemployed with skills to find productive employment, teach families how to gain financial security, and bring economic development to struggling neighborhoods. In villages, towns and cities around the world, Enactus teams are demonstrating that business has the power to inspire hope and create opportunity where little existed and ultimately improve lives and strengthen communities.

Topics of Enactus projects cover from economy, health care, environmental protection, inheritance of culture and art, agricultural development, youth education, poverty alleviation, business ethics and so on. Globally, Enactus projects are conducted on the basis of a uniform judging criteria, that is,Considering the relevant economic, social and environmental factors, which Enactus team most effectively empowered people in need by applying business and economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach to improve their quality of life and standard of living? Locally, Enactus students use positive business power to conduct creative projects. They help improve the quality and standard of life of people in the communities according to their specific needs.

Project Story

Xiamen University – the Trash to Treasure Project

Enactus team from Xiamen University runs the Trash to Treasure project based on the fact that millions of tons of oyster shells were piled among coastal regions of China, which caused severe social, economic and environmental problems. Collaborated with local government, Enactus students from Xiamen University introduced advanced technologies and investment to turn the trash (oyster shells) into treasures such as construction materials and fertilizer addictive, through which they create a sustainable business model by setting up factory to process discarded shells, formulating marketing strategy for company and expanding the market and boost the sales.

Xiamen University was named the 2012 Enactus China National Champion in the competition which featured 60 Enactus China Regional winners and represented China at the 2012 Enactus World Cup heldin Washington, DC, where the National Champions from the other 39 Enactus countries will compete for the honor of being named the 2012 Enactus World Champion.

The Dalian University of Technology – the Call Future Project

“Enactus team from Dalian University of Technology established the “Call Future” Project, which aims to help an existing Dalian disabled call centre improve its operating condition and, thus developing job opportunities for the disabled and make their working environment better. Enactus team assisted them by promoting their business via internet and outdoor media, and by communicating with clients like middle and small sized companies to develop business.

After the project completion, 40 disabled people received 1500 RMB income per month. In 2011, the call center was named as the disabled employment model center by the China federation Federation of the Disabled. Under the support and endorsement of the government, the call center provided 300 jobs for disabled people in Dalian by end of 2011. The expanded call center concept will cover 33 provinces and provide approximately 100000 job positions to the disabled in China in the next 5 years. With the support of the Dalian Federation of the Disabled and the state family planning commission, the call center took all the call business of both government departments. Also, the nationwide disabled social security service call center at “968787” was launched in May, 2011.

Sun Yat Sen University – the Golden Pond

Enactus team from Sun Yat Sen University targeted the tilapia fish farmers in Zhuhai whose fish farming was limited to certain months of the year and who faced dwindling fish stocks due to decreased oxygen content in the water caused by chemical fertilizers. The team came up with one solution to both problems. In the months of the year that the ponds were empty of tilapia, they planted ryegrass, a kind of good quality animal feed, which could be sold by the fish farmers as an extra income source. Additionally, by growing ryegrass in the ponds, the oxygen levels increased resulting in more fish.

Sun Yat Sen University won the honr of the National Chapion of 2011 Enactus ( formerly known as ) National Competition and represented China in 2011 Enactus ( formerly known as) World Cup held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Learn more about Enactus Projects at Enactus Casebook.

Jinan University-Green Conversion Project

Jinan University Enactus Team’s “Green Conversion” Project connected farm owners, biological manufacturers and a local government bureau to work together to transfer kitchen waster into organic fertilizer through the energy-saving process of Earthworm Composting Technology. As result, this project has helped farm owners to raise the farming income and created the recycled agricultural mode for environment sustainability.

North China Electric Power University-Empower the Grassland Project

The North China Electric Power University’s team’s “Empower the Grassland” project brought power to nomadic areas of Inner Mongolia where electricity difficulties seriously affect the quality of local education, healthcare and employment. They developed a wind and solar generator system which supplied reliable electricity to local herdsman significantly improving their quality of life and almost doubling their annual income.

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