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【Novozymes】Biotech Innovation for Sustainability Challenge

time:2016/3/22 14:17:14


June. 25 2016, Novozymes-Enactus biological technical sustainable development innovation competition was held. This competition"s main purpose is to encourage college students applying technique of microbiology on community projects. Novozymes expected to work with students to create solutions for society in order to build a sustainable, better living conditions. Seven Enactus team from Harbin, Beijing, Wuxi, Changsha, Xiamen joined at Novozymes Headquarters to attend this competition.




9 o"clock in the morning, competition officially began. Ms. Sara Dai spoke at the opening ceremony "The spirit of this competition is sustainable development, which Novozymes always advocate and insist in. Hope everyone do well!" 




Later, Enactus teams drew lots. Seven teams showed different perspective of biological techniques projects to the judges.  The judges carefully judge their score and gave advises to all teams for improvements.




After the teams all completed their presentations, Ms. Janet Shanberge shared her feelings to the press "Everyone has done well today, students" perspectives are brilliant and innovative. I am impressed by the effort students put in. The judges results have came out and the champion of this tournament is Central South University. Second place China Agricultural University. Third place Jiangnan University." Novozymes China Manager awarded the certificate.






Champion Projects Information


Central South University presented a project "Re-birth of mushrooms". It"s goal is to combine mushrooms farmers, and build a association under the help of companies. It is going to work with government, NGO, and companies to re-utilized leftovers of mushrooms and create win win solutions.