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“Being an entrepreneur, to start everything from scratch, is no way an easy task.” I have heard of this for so many times from those brilliant entrepreneurs; yet the feeling appealed to me only after I started off Enactus team in my university, HKUST. Enactus experience has built up my entrepreneurship and problem solving skills. This shapes me to be a good candidate for many global recruiters.



2006 Enactus Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


This is the second year I’m in Enactus, it is a place where potential meets opportunity, and where we view with global vision, think with business sense, and do with entrepreneurship. I believe, after our cultivation, what we harvest is not just the fruit, but also the horticulture.


Vinsa CHEN

SYSU Enactus Team President

Public Finance and Taxation

Sun Yat-sen University


It’s Enactus that teaches me how to turn my plans and ideas into reality and develop the business. It’s Enactus that tells me I can create unimaginable economic values as long as I work hard in the free enterprise. It’s Enactus that offers me precious confidence and experience, which will play an important part in my future entrepreneurship.


WU Shuang

Peking University Enactus team CEO

Guanghua School of Management

Peking University


How Enactus prepares tomorrow’s leaders?


Enactus provides university students with the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to their communities while also discovering their potential to achieve an even greater impact as the business leaders of tomorrow. It’s this balance between immediacy of results and the continual development of effective, responsible leaders that defines the Enactus program and is essential to creating truly sustainable change.


By using the business concepts they are learning in the classroom to help others, Enactus students develop stronger business and leadership skills, as well as a sense of service and responsibility to the community and world around them. They’re emerging as leaders who understand the opportunity for business to make a positive economic, social and environmental impact. It’s the reason so many top companies have identified Enactus as a leading source of socially responsible business talent.

Become an Enactus Student


Enactus China has grown to cover 210 active universities and is supported by more than 60 companies. A lot of university students seeEnactus as the best organization to improve their hands-on capabilities and develop personal success skills. Enactus brand and its unique value impresses young generation deeply. If you are passionate for changing the world to a better and more sustainable one through entrepreneurial actions, you could apply to become an Enactus student through two steps below:


Step One: Find your university.Learn more at University and click here to apply to become an Enactus student.


Step Two: No Enactus team in your university? Consider establishing one in your university. Click here to learn more.